Psalm 127:3-5 ~ Like Arrows in the Hand of Warrior ~ Pastor Bill Slabaugh

October 13, 2018

How do we know that when our children grow up and leave home, that they will be loyal to God?  How do we know that when they face the giants of life and experience struggles, temptations, and suffering, that they will put their confidence in God? How do we know that they will not forget the works of God and that they will obey Him in spite of their circumstances?

Psalm 78:7 says that the answer to these kinds of questions is the main goal of parenting. That when our kids leave home, “That they should put their confidence in God; And not forget the works of God; But keep His commandments.”

Pastor Bill’s message on "Arrows in the Hand of Warrior" is a must listen for every parent.


Ephesians 5_22-33 ~ The Mystery of Marriage ~ Pastor Bill Slabaugh

September 25, 2018

The Apostle Paul’s teaching on marriage creates a head-on collision with the beliefs and practices of our culture. A congressman once argued, “We need to get past the medieval ancient concept of marriage between a man a woman.” Much misunderstanding concerning marriage occurs today because we fail to understand the great mystery of marriage that Paul reveals in Ephesians chapter 5.

 The “great mystery,” as Paul calls it, is that marriage was designed by God to be a living illustration of the relationship between Jesus Christ and His Church. The question if not what same-sex marriages and unions say about our culture and society, but the question is, “What do same-sex unions communicate about the relationship of Jesus Christ to His Church?” That is why we don’t mess with the institution of marriage because in doing so, we miscommunicate and profane the spiritual reality. It takes what is holy and makes it unholy.


Psalm 127 ~ God’s Blueprint for a Godly Home of Influence ~ Pastor Bill Slabaugh

September 14, 2018

This is the introductory message in a new expository sermon series on Psalm 127 by Pastor Bill Slabaugh. He takes his experience as a licensed architect and applies it to our understanding of God's Word as to what it means when the Lord Builds the House.

Part One of the series is based on Psalm 127:1-2 and is called. "The Lord: the Architect of the Home." In Part One we will look at God's blueprint for a godly home in Paul's Letter to the Ephesians. What is God's pattern for husbands? For Wives? For Children? Psalm 127:1 says, "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it." 

Part two of the series is based on Psalm 127:3-5 and is called, "In the hands of the warrior." How do we rear our children to be godly men and women of influence who will impact their community and world for the Kingdom of God? The goal of parenting is not just that our kids will survive, or that they are educated, or they will thrive. The goal of parenting is to rear children who are holy and make a difference in this world with gospel of Jesus Christ.