Christians, Government, and Politics ~ Pastor Bill Slabaugh

March 13, 2016

The presidential candidates are promising to "Make America Great Again."  But no politician ever made America great nor can he or she make it great again. Likewise, a government cannot make a nation great. America's greatness can be traced solely to the work of God through His Church. And when we discover how, each one of us will also discover what our individual roles need to be if America is to be great again.


“America’s Best Citizens” ~1 Peter 3:13-17 ~ Pastor Bill Slabaugh

March 7, 2016

America's Best Citizens! It is true biblically and historically that when Christians sanctify Christ as Lord in their hearts, they are the best citizens any nation has--including Rome and the United States of America.  This timely message will give you hope in this unfair world.


Acts 14:19-28 ~ What It Takes to Serve God in 21st Century America ~ Pastor Bill Slabaugh

June 29, 2015

In light of the recent Supreme Court Decisions and the rapid decay of American Culture, if we are going to be effective servants of the living God, we must understand the thinking or mindset of Post-Modern / Post Christian America. How did America come to this place and what is our responsibility as believers in Jesus Christ?